Chateaux and autos !

BaladeAutomobile You are a cars lover or a collector ? You watch or participate to auto races ... A lot of our chateau owners share this passion and they can welcome you with the best conditions ! Express yourself your stays wishes or your needs, and we will propose you a tour between several... More

Castles and towers

CHATEAUXETDONJONS Aeons have elapsed since dungeons were dreadful gaols from which you could not escape! Castle owners of such historicals monuments – without dragons anymore – are glad to welcome you in their fortresses. Come and share these unique and nonetheless comfortable places, for a stopover,... More

The Castle Life

VIECHATEAU A stopover through the “castle life” as real Chatelains… According to your route, be in the heart of the castle atmosphere in these private prestigious houses filled of history and heritage… You will be warmly welcomed by the Chatelains themselves ! They will open the doors of... More