Presentation of “Bienvenue au Château” association

Dear Guests, admirers of beautiful homes, French history, and good living a la Francaise; here is our guide. It is prepared annually with great care, and dare I say it, with affection.

As you will see, it contains a selection of estates and homes which have been cherished and preserved over many generations, and which we strive to keep alive, for our pleasure and for yours.

Every home, every chateau, that you will discover in this guide, has its very own history and its own character. Some are larger than others, some more grand, others more charming,but each one is filled with an atmosphere that reflects the history of the place and the affection of the present owners. They open their doors to you, due to their passion for their place in history, and their desire to preserve their home.

Despite all the care we have taken, it is possible that some destinations fail to meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to inform us, in order to help us maintain our standards and improve your stay and satisfy your requirements. Let us also know when you have had a pleasant experience.

Enjoy your stay!

Patrice Vignial

President of the Association.

Bienvenue au Chateau

The “Bienvenue au Château” Association

Bienvenue au Château is an association under the 1901 act of non-profil organizations, originally created in Western France but is gradually growing across the country. The aim of the association is to help protect and enhance private chateaux, manor houses and historic homes in France through the provision of accommodation for paying guests, with a personal touch. This activity is carried out line with standards that are set out in a quality charter, which defines the conditions of membership of the Association


MembreFrançois de BARBEYRACManoir du Bois Noblet49700 LOUERREContact

Président Patrice VIGNIAL Château de la Flocellière 85700 LA FLOCELLIÈRE Contact
Vice-Président Alain CANTEL Château des Riffets 14680 BRETTEVILLE-SUR-LAIZE Contact
Trésorier Conor COADY-MAGUIRE Château de Beaulieu 49400 SAUMUR Contact
Secrétaire Tanneguy de VASSART Chateau du Deffay 44160 PONTCHÂTEAU Contact
Membre François de BARBEYRAC Manoir du Bois Noblet 49700 LOUERRE Contact
Membre Dominique de CORNULIER LUCINIERE Château de la Roche Martel 86120 ROIFFÉ Contact
Membre Anne CROUAN Château de Chambiers 49430 DURTAL Contact
Membre Bruno CLEMENT Château du Vau 37510 BALLAN-MIRÉ Contact
Membre François-Xavier AUBERT LA FAYETTE Chateau de Vollore 63120 VOLLORE-VILLE Contact
Membre Sophie VERON Manoir de Coutainville 50230 AGON-COUTAINVILLE Contact
Membre Isaure de SAINTE-MARIE Château de Troussay 41700 CHEVERNY Contact

Secrétariat et animation de Bienvenue au Château

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